Monday, April 18, 2011

Introducing Colin Ash Wilson

We named him "Colin" because Millie really likes the name, and "Ash" in memory of his little cousin Ashley whom we all miss so much.

Colin was born at San Ramon Regional Hospital on Friday, April 15th at 10:22 pm.  He weighed in at 6 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long.  He's a very healthy little boy.  Both mom and baby are doing well.

We arrived at the hospital at 8 pm on Thursday night where Millie was given an IV drip to induce labor.  This was necessary as Colin was 2 days overdue and Millie's blood pressure was getting dangerously high.  24 hours of contractions, increasing in pain and intensity, and Millie was still not ready to deliver.  At around 9pm on Friday she was given an epidural and soon after the baby's heart rate dropped.  After several attempts to re-position him to make sure the umbilical cord was clear his heart rate came back up and then dropped again.  The scene became a little more intense at this point as we realized that a natural birth was probably not going to happen.  The nurse called the doctor and began to prep for a Cesarean delivery. 

As Millie was wheeled off to the OR I suited up in "dad scrubs" and waited alone in the room for my call to join her.  At this point we were both a little anxious and concerned but had trust in the very competent and attentive staff of doctors and nurses.  We were in good hands.

I held Millie's hand behind an operating screen as the doctors worked to get little Colin out.  Up until this moment Millie had showed very little tolerance for pain and voiced her doubts about her ability to endure childbirth.  But, as I told her before, she's tougher than she thinks she is, and on this night she proved me right.  Throughout the entire 26-hour process she possessed such a quiet strength and determination that a husband could only look on with admiration and pride.  I tried to to do my part by showing support and sympathy as she lay on the operating table.  

And after some tense moments of tugging and pulling little Colin was free and we soon heard the wonderful sound of a newborn baby's cry.  They were not sure why he was in distress as he was clear of the cord and appeared to be strong and healthy.  I sighed in relief and as the nurses moved him to the cleaning table I got up to take a few pictures and get a closer look, expecting to see an unrecognizable mass of wrinkled and discolored flesh.  What I witnessed instead was a perfectly proportioned and beautiful baby boy with dark hair, light skin, and blue-grey eyes.  The nurse handed him to me and I stared in wonder as he blinked and grimaced trying desperately to understand what was happening to him.  I comforted him as best I could with soft words and a gentle touch and brought him closer to Millie so she could share the moment with us.  We both smiled with amazement at what we had created. 

Welcome to the family little Colin.  I hope the years to come are filled with happiness and good health.  I hope you find joy and peace in your odyssey of life.  I hope you meet every challenge along the way with strength, patience, and wisdom.  I hope I can be the father you deserve.

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Arvind said...

James, just got the link from Wade. Congratulations, if a little late. Colin looks sharp! Hope everything is going great :)