Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Avalon Harbor

We're still on Catalina Island, sitting on a mooring in Avalon.  This is a very  busy little harbor.  It feels like Disneyland after the last few anchorages we've been to.  It's always buzzing with activity here, which is why we avoided the weekend.  We're very comfortable at the moment, though. 

We've spent some time walking around and enjoying the little beach-front town.  On Monday morning we left Catalina Harbor (on the other side of the island) and spent 4 hours motoring in fog and flat seas to get here.  Then it was high-anxiety as we manuevered through the spider web of mooring lines to find our assigned spot.  Since then it's been very relaxing.  The sun finally poked through the marine layer today and we're enjoying the warm southern California weather.

It's been almost three weeks now since we left the bay area.  It seems much longer.  We've packed months of activity into those three weeks.  We're still waiting for the moment when we finally relax, kick up our feet and really start enjoying ourselves. 

At the moment we're still adjusting to the lifestyle and the challenges of taking care of a baby, a dog, and a 40-foot sailboat.  We knew we would be challenged but there are times when it's a little too much.  I expect a few months for the adjustment process to complete.  We're looking forward to getting south of the border where the water is warmer and the pace a little slower.

The next stop is San Diego.  We plan to leave here tomorrow afternoon for an overnight sail so we can arrive in the daylight hours.  We'll be spending at least a week there getting a few last minute things done and visiting family before heading south.  Neither of us have ever been to SD so we're looking forward to it.
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Arvind said...

Good going! I guess you must be in San Diego already. Hope you have a good time and also hoping that life on the boat settles into a nice rhythm for you :)