Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Throw Off the Dock Lines

Well we finally did it.  After a couple extra days to provision and pack we threw off the dock lines and sailed away from Alameda -- just in time for the first winter storm of the season.  I can't believe the timing. 

So, at the moment we are anchored in Clipper Cove (Treasure Island) waiting out the weather before making a run down the coast.  It's very peaceful here and we're enjoying a little down time at the moment.  We still have our cell phones if anyone needs to contact us.

Colin did very well on his first sail, strapped in his car seat and watching everything happen with an intense gaze.  He's been very comfortable on the boat so far -- a natural sailor.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the potluck.  We really enjoyed the chance to say goodbye and spend time with our friends.  Hope to see everyone again next summer.

For those who want to follow us, I will be updating our position report soon.  Stay tuned.

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Arvind said...

Good luck to the family! Will keep looking for updates