Saturday, November 5, 2011

San Diego Scenery

I can't believe we've been here a week now.  It seems like we just sailed in yesterday, but here it is November 5th and we're still tied up to the police docks.  

The past few days have been very busy, as we get the boat ready for Mexico.  The top priority was to get our insurance worked out, which took some time.  With that done we focused on a few minor boat projects and provisioning. 

And, we had a welcomed visit from the family this week.  Thanks to mom, dad, uncle Bill, and aunt Keck for driving us all around town.  You have no idea how helpful that was. 

At this point we're ready to go as soon as the weather cooperates.  We seem to be a magnet for winter storms as, again, we sit and wait for a weather system to pass.  We decided to make our first stop in Ensenada -- a short overnight passage where we can check into Mexico and refuel.  The plan is to leave tomorrow or Monday.  Hasta luego California.

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