Wednesday, December 14, 2011

San Jose Del Cabo

After a little over two months of sailing we finally put the Pacific Baja coast behind us and made our way to Cabo.  Needless to say, it took a lot longer than I'd anticipated but the important thing is that we made it without any major issues, gear failures, or mutinies. 

Traveling with an infant presents it's own unique set of challenges which have played a large part in our slow pace.  But, according to other sailors I've met, it's also been an unusually strange year for weather.  The reliable NW winds that typically blow down the coast this time of year have been hard to find.  We've been chased down by one low pressure system after another since leaving the Bay Area and have been mostly motoring or sailing in light easterlies or southerlies since leaving Santa Barbara. 

This last leg was particularly painful as we motored for two days from Mag Bay in 3 knots of wind and flat seas.  I had to stop twice and add oil to our weeping diesel.  We rounded the cape to Cabo San Lucas at dawn on Friday as the wind finally began to fill in -- directly on the nose.  We then motor-sailed into 15-knot headwinds for the last 12 miles to the marina.  Brutal. 

Yet, none of it matters now.  We're happy to be here, tied up to the transient dock at Puerto Los Cabos in the town of San Jose del Cabo.  It's hard to believe we've been here five days now.  We decided to sail past Cabo San Lucas and tie up here to avoid the ridiculous Cabo prices.  We're enjoying this modern and peaceful marina, and are currently sharing the dock with a few other boats we've met along the way. 

The plan was to depart today for a 3-day sail to Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta but can't seem to muster the energy or enthusiasm to shove off.  We still plan to spend Christmas in Banderas Bay but may spend another week here enjoying the company and exploring the area.

  On Monday we took the long bus ride into Cabo San Lucas and spent the afternoon walking the town, marveling at the dichotomy of luxury resorts and mega-yachts in a developing country where most live a simple life on meager wages.  It reminded us more of Miami Beach than Mexico.  Cabo is quite the spectacle and would be fun if you have the money to spend.  But, for us, a day trip was enough.
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