Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Barra de Navidad

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Rgar22 said...

Nice, seems like a peaceful village/cove to chill-out for a few. Hopefully you csn catch a break from those dawm whales! They sound like torpedos" anyhow talked to the folks & there stoked, that collin looks sooo happy. Marias feeling better inaddition she'll be back to work soon, so thats a plus. I think the worst has passed and now we can enjoy & relax.. I have 100% confidence the same will go for j/m... Besides it just doesnt seem right if you didn't have a few bumps throughout the voyage. We wish you guys well, happy sails & cant what to catch up... Peace

Sailor Jerry said...

Hey guys, loved the video, you all have to be one of the cutest cruising families. Well I am glad to hear that you are getting your engine all fixed up and working on the transmission. I bet that was an experience. Sounds like you are enjoying yourselfs. Yes we are still here, Jerry's sister came down last week and now we are fixing up the boat, bottom cleaned you know all that fun stuff. We are heading out of here on Friday as long as weather permits. Our blog site is sv-somf.blogspot.com and my email is lorie143@aol.com and Jerry's is somf77@yahoo.com Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Barra we loved it when we were there. Take care, and say hi to Colin for us.
Lauren and Jerry SOMF

James said...

Hey Guys! Thanks! We really miss you guys and hope that we get to see you next season. But until then, take care, and happy & safe sails to you. Colin sends kisses and love. We'll keep in touch! M,J,&C