Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back in Bend

It's hard to believe it's already been a month since we left Barra.  The past few weeks have sped past as we worked our way north, visiting family and friends along the way.  We spent the 4th with my parents camped at Lake Almanor and enjoyed a great potluck with all of Dad's fly-fishing friends.  The next day we left California, winding our way through scenic mountain roads and stopping for lunch to view the spectacular Burney Falls before continuing on past Mount Shasta and into central Oregon.

We're now relaxing in Bend with the four D's -- my brother Denny, his wife Dawn, and their two boys Dominic and Dino.  Colin is enjoying time with his older cousins and seems to have adjusted well to life on land. 

We have a rental house near central Bend and will be moving in for the first time next month.  Our renters gave an unexpected 30-day notice which turned out to be perfect timing for us.  Millie has applied for local nursing jobs since we plan stay put for the next few months.  We're both looking forward to slowing down a little, settling into our house, and exploring the area.
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