Friday, January 11, 2013

Looking Forward to 2013

We were happy to finally put the year behind us.  Although we still have some engine issues to deal with, we're hoping 2013 will prove to be good year.  The potential is there.  If we have a reliable engine in the spring I'd like to sail west for the Marquesas and start working our way to New Zealand.  But, we'll have to wait to make that decision.  At this point our next destination is Mazatlan, where we'll have the engine work done by a reputable mechanic.  We'll probably have to pull it out again for another rebuild -- a sobering reality that I've finally come to terms with.

We moved the boat back out to the anchorage here in La Cruz a few days ago after spending the holidays in the marina.  Two days after Christmas we met the four D's (Denny, Dawn, Dominic, and Dino) at the airport in PV and moved in to a condo we rented near the beach.  We then spent a quick week celebrating Denny's birthday and exploring the local beaches.  On the 31st we took a taxi to Sayulita where they checked in to a bungalow for New Years eve.  They made the most of an unusual winter rain storm, surfing Sayulita in the down pour, and spent the last two days back here in La Cruz before flying back to Bend. 

The days go by pretty fast down here.  It's hard to believe we've been in La Cruz for more than two months now.  Today I'll dive under the boat to clean the bottom and prepare for our 4 or 5 day sail north to Mazatlan.  Many of our cruising friends from last season have begun sailing in to Banderas Bay -- Rob and Kai on Vellela Vellela,  Peter on Mwelu, Theo and Marion on Marionetto all sailed in on the same day making it difficult for us to pull up the anchor and say goodbye.  The plan is to get the engine work done in Mazatlan and sail back down here to La Cruz where we hope to see everyone again next month.  But, as we all know, plans are written in the sand at low tide down here, so we'll try to enjoy the time we have now.
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