Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Colin Turns 2

We celebrated Colin's second birthday by the pool at the Fonatur marina here in Mazatlan.  He was the only kid at the party, although I don't think he noticed.  Our friends on Marionetto, Mwelu, Cricket, and Windward Bound all sailed in to the marina last week -- just in time to join us for the big event.  It was great to visit with everyone again as they make their way up to the Sea of Cortez for the spring season.  We're hoping to be joining them soon.

Since arriving a few months ago Colin has endeared himself with the entire Fonatur staff, particularly the three women working in the office.  They really went out of their way to help us organize his birthday party and insisted on buying the cake -- a colorful, sugary Lion King-themed work of art.  We were impressed and very grateful, but not surprised.  Such gestures of generosity are common here, and it's this family-focused attitude that we love most about Mexico.  The Fonatur staff have certainly made our stay as pleasant as possible.

It's hard to believe we have a two-year-old now.  It seems like we just sailed out the Gate with him strapped to his cockpit car seat, and now our little 5-month-old sailor is a toddler constructing complete sentences and counting to ten.  The days rush by in a blur of diapers and Disney characters as I try desperately to hold on for the ride and enjoy each passing minute. 

Regarding the boat and our cruising plans, we've had more than our share of setbacks.  And, if it wasn't for the quality time spent with Colin -- the daily walks, the story-telling, the musical "jam-sessions", the bandaged knees, the cockpit baths, the enlightening conversations -- we may have been tempted to give it up and fly home.  But, it's hard to feel sorry for yourself when your child is giggling and bouncing on your chest.  It's difficult to be depressed when locked in a bear-hug with your little boy.  Children provide us with a new perspective on life and force us to grow and mature in ways we never imagined.  I'm not sure which of us benefits more from this relationship.  Is it adults that produce children or the other way around?  I think we're both feeling a little more grown-up today.

Happy Birthday, Buddy.

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dad said...

jim read your laest log wish we were there for colins b day, love you guys and see you soon dad-granpa