Friday, August 9, 2013

School Daze

Change has been the constant since leaving Alameda, and that reality hasn't changed with our location.  Even though we're now settled in to our house in Bend we still find ourselves adapting to new challenges and opportunities. 

This week was a big one for the Wilson family.  Yesterday Millie started her new job as an oncology nurse at an outpatient clinic just a short drive from our house.  It's a perfect fit for her skills in a position almost identical to the one she last held in the Bay Area.  She's excited and eager to go back to work.  I'm excited for her.  Colin's just excited.

Both of us working full-time jobs, however, presented a new challenge -- finding daycare for Colin.  Millie started researching local preschools weeks ago, and set up appointments to check out a few of them.  After careful deliberation we chose a well-established school near Millie's work with a fun, structured program and a great staff.

So, on Thursday, before dropping Millie off at her new job, we dropped Colin off at his new school.  We'd been dreading this day for months.  I had images of a sobbing, inconsolable toddler in the corner weeping all day and wondering why mommy and daddy abandoned him.  Colin was just a few months old when we sailed south, and we've been together as a family unit since.  He's never been apart from Millie for more than an hour or so.  Preschool represented a big step for all of us.

On the other hand, two years in Mexico have allowed us the opportunity to develop lasting friendships with many wonderful and interesting people.  Traveling at such a young age has exposed him to a different culture, language, and values, and that has helped shape his young mind in a very positive way.  He seems to be a very intelligent, well-adjusted little boy -- with us, anyway.  How will he behave without mom and dad in the room?

Well, after two full days of school, I'm happy to report Colin has received high marks in class.  They all love him there, and he seems to love going there.  He cried a little in the morning, but was soon distracted by all the children, the games, and the toys.  At the end of the first day we walked in to the room expecting hugs and tears but he didn't even notice us at first.  I considered that a good sign.  By the time he finished his dinner and bath the little guy could barely stay awake.  "Colin, did you have fun today?", I asked.  "Yeth", he replied.  "Do you want to go back tomorrow?".  "Yeth!".  I think we're going to be OK.
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