Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Introducing Gavin Randall Wilson

At 1:07 PM yesterday we officially welcomed our second son in to the world at St. Charles Medical Center here in Bend, Oregon.  We decided on the name Gavin Randall -- the first name because, apparently, Millie really likes the former mayor of San Francisco, and the middle name for my Dad, who's given so much to his family over the years he deserves to have all his grandsons named after him.  Although, to be honest, I wanted to name him Madison Bumgarner Wilson and dress him in orange and black but was immediately overruled by my wife.  Anyone who watched the World Series would understand my choice.

Little Gavin weighed in at 6 lbs, 10 oz. and measured 19.25 inches long.  He's a bit smaller than Colin was at birth and will have to grow quickly to catch up with big brother, who's very excited to have a new partner to fight the bad guys with.  Mom is tired but doing well considering what she went through yesterday and the previous nine months.  Dad is happy to finally see the little guy and find all his tiny body parts in the right place and in working order.  They are.

We're all very excited to welcome Gavin in to our lives and look forward to the years ahead watching him grow and develop in to a young man, exploring the world with his big brother under the watchful eyes of two proud smiling parents.  Our little family is now complete.
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RJ said...

Congrats from Warren and Jan Lee in LA Paz

mom said...

love to read your blogs!
congratulations, i'm so happy with the arrival of our of precious little boy and so glad colin has a brother to grow up and share their lives together..
you know i believe everything happens for a reason,in god's perfect timing you all will be back on the water sailing the jeanmarie... "LIFE IS GOOD" :>)