Thursday, October 20, 2011

Santa Catalina

We tied up to a mooring buoy in Catalina Harbor after an all night sail from Santa Cruz Island. It was a long and sleepness night, but the sailing was good at times. We had to motor the last 20 miles when the wind died and dodge a few container ships getting in here but then we could finally shut down the engine, crack open a cold beer, and relax. We got a hot shower and a hot meal, Colin is bouncing in his jumpy chair and we're feeling pretty good at the moment.

We spent two peaceful nights anchored in the scenic little Pelican Bay over on Santa Cruz Island before pulling up the hook yesterday around 5pm. My estimate of 16 hours to get here turned into 22 -- sometimes the wind just doesn't want to cooperate. So, we were happy to finally get here.

This is a well protected harbor and pretty quiet at the moment, which suits us just fine. The plan is to spend a few days exploring Catalina Island before setting sail for San Diego. Tomorrow we'll go ashore to check out Two Harbors and then sail over to Avalon after the weekend crowds have left. We'll post some pics and video when I get an internet connection in SD.
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