Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lazy Days

We really enjoyed our stay in the little beach town of Chacala.  As usual, the two nights we expected to stay soon stretched in to four.  They were, however, four very peaceful days anchored just off the beach with our friends on Serendipity and Velella Velella..  After 3 months of sailing we're finally starting to slow down and relax a bit.

Chacala is a small resort town that caters mostly to Mexican tourists with a handful of gringos that rent beach houses or sail in like us.  There is one main street with a couple small markets and a number of shops selling souveniers to the tourists.  The pretty little beach is lined with palapa's where you can enjoy fish tacos and sit in the shade with a beer watching the surf roll down the sand. 

The water temp was perfect for a swim to cool down from tropical heat.  It was my first dip since leaving California and I enjoyed it so much I decided to bring Colin in with me.  His reaction was slightly different.  The ocean is a scary place, especially for an 8-month-old going for his first swim.

Later that day we introduced Colin to sand.  Suprisingly, he reacted the same way.  It was fun to watch him recoil from the touch of the sand on his body -- as if the earth was trying to devour him.  Eventually he overcame his fear and the big sand box became his favorite new toy.  Millie spent that night washing it out of every crevice.

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