Friday, January 20, 2012


Yesterday we took a bus ride north to the beach town of Sayulita -- a very popular surfing town with a beautiful beach and a funky artistic charm.  It's a big draw for tourists in the area looking to surf and bask in the sun.  We thought it would make a nice day trip from La Cruz and a good opportunity for Colin to try out the beach toys that Santa brought him.  Contrary to his first beach experience, this time he loved the sand.  I even took him out for a dip in the waves which he found amazing and a little scary.  We'll make a water baby out of him eventually.

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Mike Freire said...

I am really enjoying James log of your on going adventures ! He is doing a great job with hs colorful descriptions! Glad you guys survived the "whale bump!". That must have been a bit scary when it happened. Keep the stories of your adventures coming, as well as the photos!

May your journey be safe...... By the way, just how far are you guys going? Mike was curious, as am I!

Take care. Love, Jill